First Day

Well, it’s all real now. No turning back, I’ve had my first day at Austin Community College. It was rather uneventful…minus the fact that I was changing some of my registration at the Cypress campus and thought that my Pre Cal class was at Northridge. Drove all the way over to Northridge to realize that my class was really at Cypress. Drove back to Cypress and was 30 min late to class.

At least it was my only class of the day.

It’s weird being at a new school again. I feel like the new kid…even though no one even knows my story I feel like I’m screaming “I AM NEW HERE!! LOOK AT ME AND JUDGE ME BECAUSE I DIDN’T MAKE IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH A NORMAL UNIVERSITY WITH OUT TAKING A BREAK FROM IT” 

Dumb. I know. You don’t have to tell me twice. It’s all in my head. No one is really doing that. I just feel that way. I really should get over myself. This is my mission field now. I need to use it and let it teach me something. God will teach me in my studies, in my relationships and in the attitudes I approach the semester with.

What’s my outlook on this semester?

Do all things for the Glory of God…which means no mediocrity. I don’t want to be content just being average at everything I do. I want to focus on my music and continue to really develop it. I want to make all A’s not just some. I want to work as hard as I can to make it back to Baylor debt free in the fall. I want to be a servant of God and love everyone I come in contact with in a contagious way.

Our college group from Milwood met tonight. It makes me really excited to be here when I’m with those people. We are coming onto something that has the ability to set fire to Milwood. I pray that it does. We are going out and doing. We are in the early stages of creating a ministry based on Matthew 25:40 “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me.” We will be bagging lunches together and going out in small groups to deliver them to the homeless people in Austin. Doing this we will build relationships with these people and maybe give them a sense of hope. I pray that this leads to bigger things. We, as college students, are capable of so much. Lets use it all.

No update on Jess. I received an email from her the day after she left saying she was in Jo’Burg and watching beautiful sunsets. I’m jealous. But she is so brave. Pray for her.

Erin and Natalie came to see me yesterday. That was so great. I needed that. I’ve been feeling somewhat a lone since Jessica left. It was refreshing to get a little taste of Waco. They came to Austin just to see me! It really meant a lot. They are the kind of friends you don’t find often. I think I’ll keep them around. I’m not sure they really know how much their visit meant to me.

Continue to pray for Haiti. They still need help. Pray that the adopted orphans are brought safely to their parents. Pray that the people receive the supplies they need to survive. Pray that families that have lost loved ones find hope and grace in God. Pray that the people who are tediously working to give aid keep their strength. Pray that disease does not continue to spread. Pray that panick is contained and eased. Pray that people turn to God for help and not resent Him because of the natural disaster. Pray for Haiti.

All glory and honor and praise


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