And the wisdom to know the difference

Well, time has really made its way around me. I wish I blogged more than I do. Maybe I’ll try more to keep up.

So what’s been lately? I don’t like school… Community college is one of those places where people don’t plan on staying so they don’t bother making relationships with people. They are in and out and barely look people in the eye. Its frustrating. I want to establish friendships with these people and its not happening. I’m also bored out of my mind because my classes aren’t music. I sit in Spanish I at 7:25 in the morning thinking…I should be learning about how to write great music right now. But I’m not…not in any of my classes. Its weird and I don’t like it.

I have a JOB! Yes this is exciting. I was becoming really discouraged and upset that I was not getting a job. Now I work at Pluckers. It is going to be a great company to work for I think. They seem to really try and take care of you if you work hard. I’m also excited about the people I’m meeting. On my first real day of training (Monday) my trainer, Dario, was talking to a couple of the other waiters and Dario quoted the Serinity Prayer. He ended his point with “I’m not a religious person at all but I think thats a good thing to live by”. The other girl standing there said she didn’t believe in that kind of thing either and they agreed that if you are a good person and do good things in the world you will be fine. I saw this as an opportunity. I told them that essentially that’s what the Gospel is. Yes, Jesus and what he did for us is huge part of our salvation but the Gospel is going out into the world and loving everyone. That is what Jesus did and tells us to do. That is a huge part of working out our salvation. As soon as I said “Gospel” one of the waiters that was just standing off evesdropping came into the circle just to hear what I was saying. It was awesome. The majority of the people I work with are not Christians…at least not from what I can gather. God prepared (and is still preparing)  me for this and he is also preparing them for ME to come into their lives and tell them HIS story. How cool is that?

I got a pretty great message from Jess yesterday! She is doing great in Africa. Hasn’t fully started their ministry yet because the schools are just now getting started.  So it’s pretty crazy out there. She gets the amazing opportunity to spend the majority of her days reading and in prayer with our God…how awesome. In Africa of all places! I wish I could do that. God is showing her really how big he is.

I continue to pray for Haiti. It will take years to get that country on its feet. I’m just waiting on the opportunity to go over there and put my hands in. I pray for Jessica and she begins to understand why she is in Africa. I pray for Erin who is going to Turkey in less than 3 weeks with Premptive. I pray for my new coworkers. I pray for my Aunt’s dad who may be having surgery soon. I also pray that I see God in everything and continue to seek after him daily in his word and in prayer. I pray for Alison and everything she is doing at Tech and the beautiful person she is striving to be.

Your Kingdom here and now To the least of these Distribute what we have That all may taste and see