What a crazy week!

The most beautiful wedding between two of my sweet friends was last saturday. Congratulations to Michael and Alison DAVENPORT! I love that. They are so perfect. Seeing them get married and continue such a beautiful happy life together is such an encouragement to me. I love you guys!

Joe and I celebrated TWO years together last night. He is the best 🙂 I’m soo thankful for all that he has brought to my life. Love, relationship, frustration, strength, encouragement, tears, happyness, and the list goes on and on. He has been so great. These last two years haven’t been the easiest times for me and my heart and he has been there to take care of me the whole way. I love you babe!

And NOW I really have to go because MY JESSICA IS HOME FROM UGANDA!!!! She just landed and we have to go to the airport to get her! I can’t wait to hear and see what God has done with her heart…well at least the part that isnt still in Africa.

ITS summer too! So I promise to blog more…once everything settles down.

I will never leave your hands