Not just a Sayer

The past few weeks there have been so many ideas and things that I feel like I should just get down on paper and say. Shout it to the world. Let somebody out there learn from what I’m failing in, succeeding in, loving, discovering,questioning  and understanding.

 I am, and have been for a long time, a Sayer. I say what I’m going to do and I don’t do it. I just don’t. I let other things that are really useless and silly get in my way. Sometimes the things I say I’m going to do are hard and I get overwhelmed and hope that they just work themselves out. In the end they don’t. They never do.And they never will. Sometimes the things I say I’m going to do are as simple as turning the air conditioner up in our house before I leave. And I don’t. I forget. I get sidetracked. Sometimes I say I’m going to spend less money on things that don’t matter, or get better at playing the guitar or wake up early to read my Bible. And I don’t.

What does this make me? Unreliable? A Liar? Lazy?

It is a giant fault I have that I am SAYING I am going to work on.

I want to be a DO-er.

I want to say what I do and do what I say. I want to be someone who God can trust with something way bigger than myself. But until I get the little things right, I’ll have to wait.

In James chapter 1 , James tells the Jews not to only be hearers of the Word but to DO what it says. But my favorite part comes after that.

              “It seems like some people have amnesia. If they fail to do what God requires, it’s like they forget the word as soon as they hear it. One minute they look in the mirror and the next they forget who they are and what they look like. However, it is possible to open your eyes and take in the beautiful, perfect truth found in God’s law of liberty and live by it. If you pursue that path and actually do what God has commanded, then you will avoid the many distractions that lead to an amnesia of all true things and you will be blessed.” -James 23-25  The Voice

Sometimes I feel like this is me.

Will you hold me to this?


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