I’m Back and Going to Haiti!

Well I’m going to try blogging again. Attempting to revamp things this week! It’s fun I think…

I went back today and read through some of my earlier blog posts and I am beyond excited to say that I am FINALLY going to Haiti! I wrote about my yearning to sink my hands into Haiti early last year and I am finally getting the chance to do it with some of my closest friends. But we need your help.

This August, I will be on a team heading to Haiti. We’re partnering with
Help End Local Poverty and local Haitian leaders to love and serve the people of Haiti.

As most of you know, Haiti suffered a severe earthquake in January of 2010. Haiti is considered a 4th
world country, or what’s called a “least developed country.” Extreme poverty has created an massive
orphan crisis. The sex-trafficking industry is exploding, hunger and disease runs rampant and many
people are suffering! However, there’s also much hope and God is moving in Haiti through local Haitian
churches and leaders. We want to come along side of these brave men and women and help serve Haiti
together. We want to co-partner in the work God is already doing!

Part of Help End Local Poverty’s mission is to build 100 homes and drill 25 water wells. On this trip, we
will actually help fulfill part of this vision. Every team member has to raise an additional $500 that goes
towards a key project, which will help our Haitian friends long-term. It will also help create jobs for our
Haitian friends. So by going to Haiti, we will help a family move into a new home or help a community
receive clean water, and we will also create jobs in the process. Our ultimate goal is to help restore Haiti
while Haitians lead the way!

On this trip, we will be provide health care to Haitians (by running medical clinics), lead a kids camp for 35
orphans and work in a tent city with vulnerable kids!

Here’s where we need your help:
1. We need you to pray for us.
2. We need your help financially. The trip cost is $2100, which includes $500 for the project.

Would you be willing be to support me financially? Click
the PayPal button and donate. You will get an automatic receipt emailed to you as soon as you donate.

Or, you can send a check made out to: Help End Local Poverty – in the memo please put Pyterek and “Haiti August Trip”. Help End Local Poverty will send you a receipt for your end of the
year taxes, via mail.

To learn more about H.E.L.P. please visit their site: www.helpendlocalpoverty.com

To learn more about my please visit their site: www.milwoodbc.org

I’m sure I’ll post about this a few more times before we leave! If you have any questions please let me know.



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