Last Weekend to buy Haiti Shirts

Ok lovely people! It’s the last weekend to buy one of our shirts for Haiti so get on that! Call me and I can get you hooked up or you can visit the website down below and order one online. They are $20 a piece and we also have kids sizes! Get to me before Monday.

Also if you want to just donate money you can click the paypal link in the side bar that will take you to our account. The 6 of us need to raise $2100 a piece.

Click here to buy a shirt!

Please pray for us as we prepare to leave! There is still lots of things that need to be done before we board our plane to Port Au Prince.



Also, Please pray for Jacob Bower’s family and girlfriend Emily Domico. He was a new cadet at West Point who died this week. There is a lot of hurt going on through out the West Point community right. I’ll probably post more once I get my thoughts together. I will say I am so impressed with how much love and support that has been shown to these people. God works in crazy ways.


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