Eight Days Until Haiti!

Oh my. EIGHT days until Haiti!?

At the beginning of the summer when we decided to go it seemed so far away. Eight days from now me and five of my closest friends will be pouring our hearts into Haitian people. I. Can. Not. Wait!

I am asking for one thing though. In this week leading up to my friends and I leaving, please pray.

 Pray God’s will to be done, no matter what.
 Pray for our leaders who live and work in Haiti. They are: Pastor Gaetan, Pastor Jean Alix and Pastor St-Cyr.
 Pray for God’s protection & presence to surround, lead and guide us.
 Pray for courage. We will see suffering and pain, we will also see joy and hope. 

Also, pray for our hearts as we come back to America. There is no way to be prepared for what we will see but I think it will be even harder to come back to America and go back to school and go back to the consumerism life we can’t really escape from here in America.

Watch this video from the organization we are going with, HELP, to see why we are bringing hope to these orphans, widows and the local Haitian church.

If you would like to donate money to our trip you can click the pay pal link on the right side of my blog and it will take directly to our donation site. Any little bit helps.


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