Empire State of Mind

About two weeks ago I got a phone call from Joe asking if I wanted to spend Columbus Day weekend with him in New York. Um? I thought he was kidding. Three days later I got my flight confirmation!


On Friday I met Joe and a few of his friends from West Point in New Canaan, Connecticut. My favorite friend being Kevin Klenk. This guy is amazing. Let me tell you, he bought us dinner, beer, a relaxing night, let us sleep in his house, AND cooked us all breakfast the next morning. Eggs, bacon, toast. Seriously. Kevin is awesome.

By the way New Canaan is beautiful. The trees and houses and weather made me want to live in the North East even more.


Saturday afternoon we caught a train into NYC. As we were arriving in Grand Central Station my sweet cousin Angie called me and asked if we wanted to go to the Canal Room to hear the cover band Rubix Kube play. We had no plans so we met her at National Underground for dinner and to catch up and then wandered over to the Canal Room where we were VIP. Drinks, Dancing, and 80’s music made the night. It was so fun! Joe was even surprised by how much fun we had. Thank you Angie for the connections. We had a blast.


Sunday we wandered around Manhattan looking for pancakes and ended up at the one IHOP that exists in New York City. We even waited like an hour for them. It was totally worth it though. The pancakes were delicious. That night we had dinner in Little Italy and then finished the night off at a Stand Up NY comedy show which was WAY better than our last experience at a comedy club.


Monday came way too soon. We killed some time at the Natural History Museum (which was awesome and HUGE), split a white pizza for lunch (this is slowly becoming a tradition), and then explored Central Park (more like took a nap in Central Park).

20111012-193221.jpg 20111012-193301.jpg 



We kissed goodbye in Grand Central Station and he took the Hudson line back to his military castle. Hardest. Time. Ever. It always surprises me how hard it is to say goodbye to that guy.


Angie was good at keeping me busy in Brooklyn for the rest of the evening though. We had dinner with a view and went down to the Brooklyn Bridge to get some ice cream and take pictures of all the lights.


I feel so lucky.

Even with how normal it is to live life with Joe 1700 miles away, it is always hard to come home. I miss him too much. Thank goodness for my Jessica who brings me my favorite coffee treat and lays in bed with pathetic me for girl talk.


Forty Two Days ❤