viv·id: Home of the Brave

This photo is great. I love it because it gives me about a million different emotions. I do not know the story behind the photo but I think that is part of its beauty. This could be a deployment or it could be a homecoming. I’ve learned that being a girl who is in love with a man in uniform makes these kind of photos extremely emotional because it reminds me of what I will face in the future when Joe deploys and what so many people face as part of their daily lives. When I see it as a photo prior to deployment my stomach turns in knots and I feel anxiety for this father, son, and family. When I see the photo as a reunion my heart wants to burst into happiness for the peace and relief this family receives. The little boy could be feeling disappointment in his dad leaving or just a yearning to be next to his dad because he is home. Amazing.

Other than my incredibly girly emotional thoughts, I love the depth of field. It adds a lot to the focus of the photo. I don’t think the color was intended or staged, but the red adds more emotion and an even better pop to the focal point.

This photo is a sign of the times and I love it.


viv·id: UPG Initiative

A good friend of mine designed this video as a way to present a movement we are trying to start in our church. The numbers are astounding just by themselves. They would be astounding even looking at them on a piece of paper, but seeing them run through each individual number gives them even more depth. The color was well thought out. The map of the earth looks almost like a negative and the darkness of the greys and blacks creates a feeling of something lost. I feel like the red targets a number of emotions. War, passion, energy, determination, and most importantly courage. While the cursor continuously moves around the world the idea of these people seemingly grows heavy in my heart and mind. The numbers and color do it alone but I can’t go without noting the choice of song. It intensifies the entire feel of the video.

If this video doesn’t stir your heart as a believer for the people around the world who have never heard of the love God has for us, I don’t know what will.

A Week of Firsts

It was a week of growing for me.

Moving into an apartment alone seemed like such a great idea before I did it. My first night in the apartment was incredibly discouraging, exciting, overwhelming and encouraging all at the same time. I was surrounded by boxes and a bed that sat in pieces on my floor. I had to remind myself that something was being learned here. There was a reason all my friends had busy weekends and couldn’t help me go through all the things sitting on my floor.

God was teaching me that I really can do this alone. After most things were put in their place and all the empty boxes were in the dumpster I felt like just maybe God was preparing me for the future. Someday I may have to put a home together by myself while Joe is off doing Army things. Someday, if that happens, I know I can handle it.

Monday rolled around and I worked at my new Pluckers location for the first time. South Lamar will be great for me. However, I worked at Round Rock for two years. I never knew how much I valued the people I worked with until I was doing the same job, in a different place, with a totally new set of people. Oh man I wanted to sit down and cry a few times. My hope is that I grow to love my new location like I do Round Rock. I’m confident God will use me in this store. I have already had multiple encounters with people that makes me just want to wrap my arms around the person and tell them I love them.

Over all my first week at Texas State was great. I resented it at first because it wasn’t Baylor and I hardly have any friends. However, my classes are going to be a blast and I’m pretty sure I love my major. I am SO motivated. I will say, my first day may have been a disaster had my sweet Emilee not actually driven me to school and GONE TO my first class with me. I am so lucky I met her on the bus in third grade.

Until next time I get the urge to hop on here and write I’ll leave with this. Romans 5:3-5