A Week of Firsts

It was a week of growing for me.

Moving into an apartment alone seemed like such a great idea before I did it. My first night in the apartment was incredibly discouraging, exciting, overwhelming and encouraging all at the same time. I was surrounded by boxes and a bed that sat in pieces on my floor. I had to remind myself that something was being learned here. There was a reason all my friends had busy weekends and couldn’t help me go through all the things sitting on my floor.

God was teaching me that I really can do this alone. After most things were put in their place and all the empty boxes were in the dumpster I felt like just maybe God was preparing me for the future. Someday I may have to put a home together by myself while Joe is off doing Army things. Someday, if that happens, I know I can handle it.

Monday rolled around and I worked at my new Pluckers location for the first time. South Lamar will be great for me. However, I worked at Round Rock for two years. I never knew how much I valued the people I worked with until I was doing the same job, in a different place, with a totally new set of people. Oh man I wanted to sit down and cry a few times. My hope is that I grow to love my new location like I do Round Rock. I’m confident God will use me in this store. I have already had multiple encounters with people that makes me just want to wrap my arms around the person and tell them I love them.

Over all my first week at Texas State was great. I resented it at first because it wasn’t Baylor and I hardly have any friends. However, my classes are going to be a blast and I’m pretty sure I love my major. I am SO motivated. I will say, my first day may have been a disaster had my sweet Emilee not actually driven me to school and GONE TO my first class with me. I am so lucky I met her on the bus in third grade.

Until next time I get the urge to hop on here and write I’ll leave with this. Romans 5:3-5


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