viv·id: UPG Initiative

A good friend of mine designed this video as a way to present a movement we are trying to start in our church. The numbers are astounding just by themselves. They would be astounding even looking at them on a piece of paper, but seeing them run through each individual number gives them even more depth. The color was well thought out. The map of the earth looks almost like a negative and the darkness of the greys and blacks creates a feeling of something lost. I feel like the red targets a number of emotions. War, passion, energy, determination, and most importantly courage. While the cursor continuously moves around the world the idea of these people seemingly grows heavy in my heart and mind. The numbers and color do it alone but I can’t go without noting the choice of song. It intensifies the entire feel of the video.

If this video doesn’t stir your heart as a believer for the people around the world who have never heard of the love God has for us, I don’t know what will.


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