viv·id: Home of the Brave

This photo is great. I love it because it gives me about a million different emotions. I do not know the story behind the photo but I think that is part of its beauty. This could be a deployment or it could be a homecoming. I’ve learned that being a girl who is in love with a man in uniform makes these kind of photos extremely emotional because it reminds me of what I will face in the future when Joe deploys and what so many people face as part of their daily lives. When I see it as a photo prior to deployment my stomach turns in knots and I feel anxiety for this father, son, and family. When I see the photo as a reunion my heart wants to burst into happiness for the peace and relief this family receives. The little boy could be feeling disappointment in his dad leaving or just a yearning to be next to his dad because he is home. Amazing.

Other than my incredibly girly emotional thoughts, I love the depth of field. It adds a lot to the focus of the photo. I don’t think the color was intended or staged, but the red adds more emotion and an even better pop to the focal point.

This photo is a sign of the times and I love it.


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