He’s Going to Germany!

It has been a crazy few months in this girl’s long distance relationship to say the least.

Back in December was Branch Night where all of the West Point seniors got to pick which branch of the Army they wanted to go into. Joe decided to branch Space Corps! Haha Not really. Joe is a Civil Engineering major so I think that influenced him to branch Engineers. It was his first choice and he got it! It was an exciting night! I wish I could have been there!

If you are wondering about the blood stained shirt, it’s a little tradition at West Point that the boys run around “blood pinning” each other. They hit each others chest so that  their branch pin makes them bleed. What men.

Not long after Joe came home for Christmas leave and we had a much needed holiday break together. We even got to go skiing in New Mexico with some of our friends!

Joe went back to his castle and I moved into my own apartment all by myself and started a new chapter at Texas State. I’m on track to graduate with a degree in Mass Communications in May 2013!

Late last week was Post Night where all the guys pick where they will be living for the next few years and what units they will be working with. Joe and I both expected him to stay somewhere in the south or possibly Washington. My entire world changed the second Joe said Germany. What in the world? There was not even one thought that he would end up with Germany during our conversations leading up to Post Night! All I could say was “Wow” and “Congratulations!” Haha…Emotions were really high and incredibly fickle that night (and still are). I don’t think he knew what to think either.

For those of you wondering, we don’t know too much yet. The next year will be crazy though. Joe graduates in May (on my birthday!) and then he will have 60 days leave with some training mixed in (most likely at West Point) In mid September, he will report to officer training in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri until March 2013 and after that he will be heading to Germany! Yes Germany!

I’ve had tons of people ask me if I’m going with him and I don’t have a solid answer yet (ask Joe?) 🙂 I’m on track to graduate May 2013 so we’ll see where I end up after that!

All in all I am really excited for Joe and this big new adventure!


One thought on “He’s Going to Germany!

  1. Whitney, you are such a mature and impressive young lady… I am so proud of you and know that God had big plans for you … you seem to do pretty well at being patient… that is one fruit of the spirt I have not seemed to pin down… I know all will work out for you..keep your head high and keep on track.. I will be praying for you both…

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