viv·id: My City

I love the sharpness of this photo. Austin is my favorite place to be. I think the skyline is one of the best in the country (maybe I’m just biased though). However, love the contrast and the colors that this photographer caught on a pretty Sunday morning. I came across Sabrina Bean’s photography blog while looking at Austin Marathon information. This photo came from her trying to make an image of the Livestrong Marathon come to life. This just happened to be an extra and I love it. To me, it looks like home.


viv·id: Thile Daves

Chris Thile is one of my favorite musicians. This was one of his side projects that I absolutely love.

Mr. Thile and Michael Daves put on a show at The Rockwood in New York City and had the majority of it filmed. Not only is the music awesome, I love the cinematography. The video looks as if it was filmed in the 60s or something. Having been to the venue I love it even more because the walls are actually red so the black and white is a cool contrast from the norm.

Check them out! They make some great music.


viv·id: Coffee and Sex?

Really? We are using sex to sell coffee?

I love this coffee. So seeing this is a little unfortunate.

First of all coffee isn’t something that is sexy to me. Maybe that is because of the places I find coffee are not sexually driven places? I really associate coffee with community. Not sex. So, it is weird to see it portrayed that way. Second of all, who really gets turned on by coffee? Weird.

It’s amazing how sex sells.

viv·id: Dear Photograph

I LOVE these photos. The point of view is so nostalgic. It makes me want to go back to all the places I have great memories of and take photos like this. Everything about this particular photo is so creative though. I love the shift in seasons as well as the memory paired with the present.