A Month and a Half Later

Well I’m back!

I’m sure you are all thinking I failed my visual communications class because I didn’t do my entries for the visual journal thing BUT you are wrong! I actually was required to use Tumblr. However, I did move all the posts to my nifty little tab up there. So if you are interested in what I’ve been seeing and thinking take a look here!

In other news, life is crazy as usual. I made the decision to leave Pluckers after working for them for over two years. It was one of those decisions that I just knew one day was the right one. I’m now working full time at iPic Theaters and I LOVE IT! I love the management and the people I work with. I also love being around film all day and getting to see movies for free is a nice perk too 🙂

School has been so much better since I left Pluckers. More sleep + more study time = happier Whitney and happier grades.

I have a whole list of things I want to blog about but now that I’m all caught up with school hopefully I’ll actually start writing!


Yay for Summer! It’s right around the corner!