Hello August

Hello August.

You are a funny month. Full of mixed emotions. You sneak in and take away summer. We look at you and think “Wow, summer is gone and over half my year is gone.” We find ourselves feeling like we have slacked off on everything we said we would do this year and start resenting all the time spent doing meaningless things. We feel a sense of extreme discontent with the passing seven months. School is about to start again. The ease of the summer and less busy times slips away and stress weighs down our minds as we realize there is so much left to do. Then justification sets in. “Well it’s been a busy year so far. There was this and that and…” After some more thought, Hope makes it’s way around. There are still months, weeks, days left in this year. So much can still be accomplished. If we just pull it together, we wont feel this again in four months. But then we look back at all that we have done and feel somewhat accomplished. Moving forward again. Anticipation of fall comes around and an excitement for warm colors and cooler weather creeps into our thoughts.

You are a funny month. Convicting and hopeful. Disappointing and inspiring. A catalyst for what’s to come.

Hello August. Glad you came around.


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