Music and Minnesota

Sadly the summer is coming to an end. Between summer school, interning at AFS, work, and having Joe home I have been going non-stop since we got home from New York.

In the busy-ness of summer I did get to do a few of those things that I’ve always wanted to do…but never thought I’d actually get to.

In the past two weeks I have actually crossed off two big things on my bucket list.

Number One: Lead a worship service by myself.

Yep I did that. I love my church and I love worshiping on Sundays with them but leading it all by yourself is a whole other monster. Usually I leave that to Michael and I just get to sing harmony or lead on an occasional song. It may seem like no big deal to some of ya’ll. I can tell you Joe is one of those. He kept telling me “You’ll be fine! You’ve been ready for this for a long time”. However, I do not agree. I had been playing my guitar everyday for close to two months in preparation for that day. It was so rewarding and definitely something I will continue to strive for but practice is what prepared me. Sometimes we just have to jump in full force and quit saying we want to do things or we hope to do this and just do it.

For those of you that know me, music is my passion and there is no greater feeling than playing music over people in the presence of God. I am blessed to have people like Joe, Michael, and Randy to push me to do the things I love even when I have a million other life things going on.

I lead worship, hands were raised, Jesus was praised and I would do it all over again any day. If anything the experience boosted my confidence. For those of you trying to do anything that seems a little out of reach and you think you aren’t prepared…you probably never will be. You have to run at it head on and not give up.

Number Two: I went to Minnesota!

Oh my how beautiful it is out there.

I unplugged from everything for a week and really tried to be present during this vacation with Joe and his family. I read a few books, got a really great tan, learned how to ski and enjoyed being far away from all the hustle of life. No plans was the best. My favorite part was watching the sun set every day. Killer view up there yeah?

Spending days on the lake with nothing better to do was more than this girl could ever ask for.

Hunter dog loved it too.

Some of the best pizza ever!

Fire, Smore’s, and Sunset. Yes please.

We went horseback riding too!

Another one of my favorite things was sailing. I don’t have any photos of us actually sailing but I love this one.

I’m looking forward to many more memories and summers spent at Ottertail. That will be our last visit for a few more years due to Germany but it was pretty great time.


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