Bucket List

I decided there are a lot of things I want to do (mainly this summer/with Joe)…especially around Austin and having a list of them will make it easier to cross things off! On top of that maybe I’ll even blog about them!!

  • Take a tour of the breweries in Austin as well as in the Hill Country.
  • Watch all of the original Star Wars movies
  • Segway tour of Austin
  • Eat at Franklin’s BBQ
  • Play Bingo at a Bingo Place
  • Float the river
  • Do the standing paddle board/boat thing
  • Write a few songs
  • Play my mandolin more
  • Be able to lead a worship service all by myself
  • Run a half marathon…and maybe even a marathon
  • Do something really fun with Chandler, Cole and Kennedy
  • Take Falynn and Evan on an adventure
  • Hike Enchanted Rock
  • Cliff Jump
  • Go to Minnesota
  • Make a Cheesecake from scratch

I’ll add to the list as I think of more!


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