viv·id: My City

I love the sharpness of this photo. Austin is my favorite place to be. I think the skyline is one of the best in the country (maybe I’m just biased though). However, love the contrast and the colors that this photographer caught on a pretty Sunday morning. I came across Sabrina Bean’s photography blog while looking at Austin Marathon information. This photo came from her trying to make an image of the Livestrong Marathon come to life. This just happened to be an extra and I love it. To me, it looks like home.


viv·id: Thile Daves

Chris Thile is one of my favorite musicians. This was one of his side projects that I absolutely love.

Mr. Thile and Michael Daves put on a show at The Rockwood in New York City and had the majority of it filmed. Not only is the music awesome, I love the cinematography. The video looks as if it was filmed in the 60s or something. Having been to the venue I love it even more because the walls are actually red so the black and white is a cool contrast from the norm.

Check them out! They make some great music.


viv·id: Coffee and Sex?

Really? We are using sex to sell coffee?

I love this coffee. So seeing this is a little unfortunate.

First of all coffee isn’t something that is sexy to me. Maybe that is because of the places I find coffee are not sexually driven places? I really associate coffee with community. Not sex. So, it is weird to see it portrayed that way. Second of all, who really gets turned on by coffee? Weird.

It’s amazing how sex sells.

viv·id: Dear Photograph

I LOVE these photos. The point of view is so nostalgic. It makes me want to go back to all the places I have great memories of and take photos like this. Everything about this particular photo is so creative though. I love the shift in seasons as well as the memory paired with the present.


viv·id: Vowels


Couldn’t stop watching this video. This short film has an archival sound recording from the 1945 Linguaphone series “English Pronunciation – A practical handbook for the foreign learner”. I love the creativity and newness behind the different visuals for each word combined with the old audio. The combination of old and new gave somewhat of a timelessness.

viv·id: Misery Guts

I stumbled upon this video a few days ago on Vimeo. Great story telling. Sweet and charming short film. I love that it is like Dr. Seuss on film (minus Jim Carey). I feel like films like this would be ten times better for kids to watch than the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. That will be the day.

He’s Going to Germany!

It has been a crazy few months in this girl’s long distance relationship to say the least.

Back in December was Branch Night where all of the West Point seniors got to pick which branch of the Army they wanted to go into. Joe decided to branch Space Corps! Haha Not really. Joe is a Civil Engineering major so I think that influenced him to branch Engineers. It was his first choice and he got it! It was an exciting night! I wish I could have been there!

If you are wondering about the blood stained shirt, it’s a little tradition at West Point that the boys run around “blood pinning” each other. They hit each others chest so that  their branch pin makes them bleed. What men.

Not long after Joe came home for Christmas leave and we had a much needed holiday break together. We even got to go skiing in New Mexico with some of our friends!

Joe went back to his castle and I moved into my own apartment all by myself and started a new chapter at Texas State. I’m on track to graduate with a degree in Mass Communications in May 2013!

Late last week was Post Night where all the guys pick where they will be living for the next few years and what units they will be working with. Joe and I both expected him to stay somewhere in the south or possibly Washington. My entire world changed the second Joe said Germany. What in the world? There was not even one thought that he would end up with Germany during our conversations leading up to Post Night! All I could say was “Wow” and “Congratulations!” Haha…Emotions were really high and incredibly fickle that night (and still are). I don’t think he knew what to think either.

For those of you wondering, we don’t know too much yet. The next year will be crazy though. Joe graduates in May (on my birthday!) and then he will have 60 days leave with some training mixed in (most likely at West Point) In mid September, he will report to officer training in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri until March 2013 and after that he will be heading to Germany! Yes Germany!

I’ve had tons of people ask me if I’m going with him and I don’t have a solid answer yet (ask Joe?) 🙂 I’m on track to graduate May 2013 so we’ll see where I end up after that!

All in all I am really excited for Joe and this big new adventure!

viv·id: The Halftime Show


I always look forward to the Super Bowl for the good football game but also for the pure entertainment of the night. However, tonight was incredibly disappointing regarding the lack of decent commercials.

I was pleased with Madonna’s performance and the overall visual aspect of the halftime show. This show has got to be one of the most watched live performances on television and you can tell there was much thought put into the visual effects. It was incredible seeing the show from a TV set. I bet it was not nearly as great live due to the fact that it was built to be seen from your couch. Madonna did a fine job charming us on the stage. She is definitely an irreplaceable diva.

viv·id: The Colors of Fall


This photo was taken by one of my West Point Girlfriends who is a photojournalists at Penn State. Jill Knight takes fabulous photos but this one really caught my eye. The sun on the fall leaves completely makes the photo. I love that the foreground is in the shadows and the background is full of color. It’s almost as if you are sneaking in on this couple’s sweet moment together. Fall is my absolute favorite season and it usually holds the days that the best memories are made for me, especially with Joe. We always have a weekend to ourselves in the fall so this photo evokes those feelings and memories from me even though we aren’t actually in the picture ourselves.


Check out more of Jill’s photos on her blog!

viv·id: Home of the Brave

This photo is great. I love it because it gives me about a million different emotions. I do not know the story behind the photo but I think that is part of its beauty. This could be a deployment or it could be a homecoming. I’ve learned that being a girl who is in love with a man in uniform makes these kind of photos extremely emotional because it reminds me of what I will face in the future when Joe deploys and what so many people face as part of their daily lives. When I see it as a photo prior to deployment my stomach turns in knots and I feel anxiety for this father, son, and family. When I see the photo as a reunion my heart wants to burst into happiness for the peace and relief this family receives. The little boy could be feeling disappointment in his dad leaving or just a yearning to be next to his dad because he is home. Amazing.

Other than my incredibly girly emotional thoughts, I love the depth of field. It adds a lot to the focus of the photo. I don’t think the color was intended or staged, but the red adds more emotion and an even better pop to the focal point.

This photo is a sign of the times and I love it.