viv·id : forming distinct and striking mental images

This is where I’ll be posting my entries for my Visual Communications class.

Our assignment is to create a visual journal of reflective thinking. This is to find our inner language of imagery and express the connection between image and word.

I chose Vivid as the title for this page because I hope that whatever I choose to share here will be something that conveys a striking trueness to life.

viv·id: I wish I was a New Yorker

One magazine I love to read is The New Yorker. I think one of the biggest appeals is the visual aspect. It is really creative. The way they turn real life into drawings for the majority of their covers is great! I love looking at the art they publish.

viv·id: Point Shoes

This video was very well done. Visually pleasing and incredibly informative. I wish more news bits were this creative and not so “news cheesy”. The music was really fitting too. I love the ballet!

viv·id: My Sweet Duke

This is the best photo I’ve ever taken of my dog and I took it with my iPhone! I have no idea how I managed to get his head to look so big compared to his body but I think it is adorable. The natural lighting is amazing too. I just want to grab his face and kiss him!

viv·id: Hello Haiti

Welcome to Haiti. This video gets me pumped up every time I watch it. Michael made this from the video footage we took last summer with the little flip cameras. Love love love that place and those kids. I really want to go back!

viv·id: Creative Lobbyist

Last week I had the opportunity to learn about communications from a few lobbyist. They showed this video to  quickly and effectively teach us what lobbying really is. I think it is well done and simply informative.

viv·id: Eyes

I love eyes. They are like windows to someone’s heart. This drawing is beautiful. It exaggerates every part of the eye that I love. In a funny way it inspires me.

viv·id: Hunger Games

Since we’ve been talking about pacing and I work in a movie theater so I see this scene all the time and I think the pacing is great. The rhythm of the music and the intensity of the beginning of the games is perfect. This video isn’t the greatest and doesn’t show all of the scene but it give you and idea of what I’m talking about if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

viv·id: Shower Scene

We watched this scene in class a few weeks ago and then in my Mass Communications Studies class again yesterday. Hitchcock is a great filmmaker and I think this scene is brilliant. Obviously, it is one everyone knows. I love how creative he was. Using chocolate syrup as the blood and creating sound out of fruit. Janet Leigh makes the scene even more emotional though. Watching her slide down the shower dying makes me incredibly uncomfortable. I can’t imagine how racy that was in the 60’s.

viv·id: Pina

I saw this trailer a while back. The choreography looks amazing. However the cinematography of just the trailer makes me want to see it even more. I think there is probably a creative combination of the choreographer and the director to make this film as artful as it looks.

viv·id: Because It Is Easter

Just because it is Easter Weekend and this photo is priceless. How terrifying. I’m sure the photographer did not intentionally do this but it is awesome

viv·id: The Foot

I love this photo of Chris Thile. First of all he is one of the best musicians out there. If you have never listened to any of his music I suggest you do that now. The thing I love about the photo is his foot. As weird as that sounds. He is a very emotional yet entertaining performer and I love that the photographer caught that with the depth of field. Thile’s body is in full focus but his foot is out of focus yet adding to the emotion of the photo. Love. It.

viv·id: Trash Dance

Another film I saw at SXSW was Austin’s own Trash Dance. I wish I could find clips of the movie other than the trailer because it was so good! A choreographer comes up with this idea to make a show with trash trucks and to have the employees actually be apart of the show. The day of the show it rained and it seemed like it might be a terrible ending but the rain actually made the show that much better. As you can see in this photo it added an even cooler visual element with the reflection of the lights on the ground and the awesome sky. There was no way to plan this visual but it worked brilliantly. In a weird way I almost cried during the actual performance because the director and choreographer did such a great job at getting you invested in the people involved in the documentary.

Check it out screenings at

viv·id: How Can I Love A God Who Allows So Much Evil?

This is the trailer for our Easter service at my church. Yours truly is the voice you hear and yes maybe I am the girl with the blue nails. All jokes aside, the video was a sad one to make and its sort of sad to watch as well. I mean how can you love a God who allows so much evil. Walking through the cemetery that morning was not the easiest thing either. So watching the video sort of takes me back to the weird, pensive, sort of angry but mostly sad mood I found myself in the morning we shot the video.

I think Michael did a great job shooting and editing the video though. It fits the mood. Quite Terrence Malick – ey?

viv·id: Social Networking at its Finest

SXSW was almost a visual over load. Between all the advertisements going on, films, as well as interactive segments of the festival, anyone would have felt somewhat overwhelmed. I thought this use of social networking was pretty cool. If you took a photo and tweeted it to @shutterstock they would display it on this huge projection on South Congress. I thought it was a pretty cool way for people to see all the different things going on around town. It was also a smart way to make the party seem just a little smaller if you saw someone you knew displayed on the side of a huge building downtown.

viv·id: Tree of Life

Tree of Life was an amazing movie. Nominated for 3 Oscars and rightfully so. The use of color was great. Every color emphasized in the film had some kind of meaning. The cinematography was well done. Terrence Malick did a great job capturing the growth and wonder of life in a film.

viv·id: Saving Energy, Saving Date Night

I have seen these adds all over Austin driving up and down I-35. I was always a little confused how saving energy would save date night. I was always moving too fast to read the entire billboard but after doing some more research I found that it is a government project promoting saving energy and that by saving energy you are saving money and saving date night! The simplicity of the billboards was what had me questioning and constantly curious. I mean who doesn’t want to save date night? Thats way better than saving whales right? 😉

viv·id: The Big Easy Express

Probably my favorite thing from SXSW was The Big Easy Express. Emmett Malloy and his crew did a fantastic job editing the footage of incredibly vibrant and passionate bands journey through the country…on a train. The way the editor and the director were able to tap in on the  emotion and the energy of the tour was great. It was even better watching the world premiere and feeling the reactions of the people in the theater. These guys are definitely on to something.

viv·id: Remembering

Last week, a group on campus put this visual up around campus. There was no sign to catch eyes. Just these little soldiers sitting on a wall with pieces of paper with statistics written on them. People were stopping and reading about war and the loss of life. I thought it was a somber and creative way to get people to stop and learn.

viv·id: My City

I love the sharpness of this photo. Austin is my favorite place to be. I think the skyline is one of the best in the country (maybe I’m just biased though). However, love the contrast and the sharpness of this photo. I came across Sabrina Bean’s photography blog while looking at Austin Marathon information. This photo came from her trying to make an image of the Livestrong Marathon come to life. This just happened to be an extra and I love it. To me, it looks like home.

viv·id: Thile Daves

Chris Thile is one of my favorite musicians. This was one of his side projects that I absolutely love. Mr. Thile and Michael Daves put on a show at The Rockwood in New York City and had the majority of it filmed. Not only is the music awesome, I love the cinematography. The video looks as if it was filmed in the 60s or something. Having been to the venue I love it even more because the walls are actually red so the black and white is a cool contrast from the norm.

viv·id: Sexy coffee?

Really? We are using sex to sell coffee?

I love this coffee. First of all coffee isn’t something that is sexy to me. Maybe that is because of the places I find coffee are not sexually driven places? I really associate coffee with community. Not sex. So, it is weird to see it portrayed that way. Second of all, who really gets turned on by coffee? Weird.

viv·id: Dear Photograph

I LOVE these photos. The point of view is so nostalgic. It makes me want to go back to all the places I have great memories of and take photos like this. Everything about this particular photo is so creative though. I love the shift in seasons as well as the memory paired with the present.

February 12, 2012

viv·id: Misery Guts

I stumbled upon this video a few days ago on Vimeo. Great story telling. Sweet and charming short film. I love that it is like Dr. Seuss on film (minus Jim Carey). I feel like films like this would be ten times better for kids to watch than the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. That will be the day.

February 5, 2012

viv·id: The Halftime Show

I always look forward to the Super Bowl for the good football game but also for the pure entertainment of the night. However, tonight was incredibly disappointing regarding the lack of decent commercials.

I was pleased with Madonna’s performance and the overall visual aspect of the halftime show. This show has got to be one of the most watched live performances on television and you can tell there was much thought put into the visual effects. It was incredible seeing the show from a TV set. I bet it was not nearly as great live due to the fact that it was built to be seen from your couch. Madonna did a fine job charming us on the stage. She is definitely an irreplaceable diva.

February 4, 2012

The Colors of Fall

This photo was taken by one of my West Point Girlfriends who is a photojournalists at Penn State. Jill Knight takes fabulous photos but this one really caught my eye. The sun on the fall leaves completely makes the photo. I love that the foreground is in the shadows and the background is full of color. It’s almost as if you are sneaking in on this couple’s sweet moment together. Fall is my absolute favorite season and it usually holds the days that the best memories are made for me, especially with Joe. We always have a weekend to ourselves in the fall so this photo evokes those feelings and memories from me even though we aren’t actually in the picture ourselves.

Check out more of Jill’s photos on her blog!

January 29, 2012

Home of the Brave

This photo is great. I love it because it gives me about a million different emotions. I do not know the story behind the photo but I think that is part of its beauty. This could be a deployment or it could be a homecoming. I’ve learned that being a girl who is in love with a man in uniform makes these kind of photos extremely emotional because it reminds me of what I will face in the future when Joe deploys and what so many people face as part of their daily lives. When I see it as a photo prior to deployment my stomach turns in knots and I feel anxiety for this father, son, and family. When I see the photo as a reunion my heart wants to burst into happiness for the peace and relief this family receives. The little boy could be feeling disappointment in his dad leaving or just a yearning to be next to his dad because he is home. Amazing.

Other than my incredibly girly emotional thoughts, I love the depth of field. It adds a lot to the focus of the photo. I don’t think the color was intended or staged, but the red adds more emotion and an even better pop to the focal point.

This photo is a sign of the times and I love it.

January 26, 2012

UPG initiative

A good friend of mine designed this video as a way to present a movement we are trying to start in our church. The numbers are astounding just by themselves. They would be astounding even looking at them on a piece of paper, but seeing them run through each individual number gives them even more depth. The color was well thought out. The map of the earth looks almost like a negative and the darkness of the greys and blacks creates a feeling of something lost. I feel like the red targets a number of emotions. War, passion, energy, determination, and most importantly courage. While the cursor continuously moves around the world the idea of these people seemingly grows heavy in my heart and mind. The numbers and color do it alone but I can’t go without noting the choice of song. It intensifies the entire feel of the video.

If this video doesn’t stir your heart as a believer for the people around the world who have never heard of the love God has for us, I don’t know what will.


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